Icount Poll: Budget

Should the Federal government pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution? If you have ideas, please comment.



We need a garden variety BBA. Orrin Hatch poisoned the well by dropping all kinds of partisan provisions into the last one. Why do politicians have to stick it to the other team, instead of listening to their constituents and drafting good bills?

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: Dave Owen

If they have a clause that allows for exceptions, then passing the amendment would require balanced budgets to become the new NORM versus overspending.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: Merrill Hansen

They should go beyond balanced and operate in the black just like we have to do.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: validated user

A balanced budget amendment should not be necessary, but perhaps it will help in the short term. The real answer is to devise an effective and reasonably fast system of public servant accountability to the electorate. This could be done by using electronic forms of communication, with a backup plan in case Internet service is ever disrupted on a large scale. A balanced budget amendment, if adopted, should include exceptions for declared wars against organized terrorist and anarchy groups as well as enemy countries. It should also include specific types of national emergencies. The amendment must be written carefully enough that our court system can determine when the amendment is ignored or flouted. This amendment will invite mis-use by public officials, and the courts may fail us at times, but we've got to keep pushing for real accountability, and be vigilant in maintaining that ccountability. We should also repeal the 16th amendment so that public officials are once again accountable to state legislatures -- not a perfect situation, but the best the Founding Fathers could come up with, and better than accountability every 4 years (Senate) or two years (House).

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: Roger Scanland

The government should not be bound by a balanced budget amendment but by responsible spending. Even households use credit for homes, vehicles and some major expenses. The budget should be balanced most of the time but there are times where deficit spending is necessary for the security and economic well being of the country. Maybe spending guidelines would be more appropriate (no pork!).

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: Curtis Bates

A balanced budget amendment would/should not be necessary if Congress would do its job. But, since Congress has shown fiscal irresponsibility for so long, running deficit after deficit leading to massive debt, it appears a balanced budget amendment is essentially our best hope for forcing them toward some fiscal discipline.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: Rick Evans

I voted for the balanced budget ammendment in this poll, but I have little faith that our government leaders will follow it, as they don't follow the Constitution now. If there is a loop hole like the budget will be balanced except in time of war, then we will always be at war. These spineless losers don't care about our country. They just want power.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: validated user

The government needs the ability to borrow money in an emergency, such as during war time. The national debt is just like a credit card, just with a lower interest rate. There are times when a credit card is necessary. We just need to hold our elected officials accountable for running up the balance and stop expecting the government to solve all of our problems.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: Tefton (TJ) Smith

A balanced budget amendment needs to be passed if for no other reason than to stop the finger pointing. Currently legislators are simply pointing out who is to blame for the deficit. Whether you are worried about defense or worried about entitlement programs, nothing will be done unless legislators are forced to stop bickering and work the problem. If NASA had behaved like legislators during the Apollo 13 mission, it would have been a horrible failure. Work the problem people, stop pointing fingers!

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: validated user

A constitutional amendment will not guarantee fiscal discipline. That can be had without the constraints of an amendment. Furthermore, there are times such as the present when running a deficit is necessary or desirable to regaining economic health by stimulating job creation and economic recovery.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: validated user

this growing debt can not be continued and can not be passed on to our future generations! let's nip it in the bud before we all go down!

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: Gilbert Hernandez

The Amendment as written will fall on the working class with nothing from the rich and big companies. Almost all government operate at some point in the red, but fiscal management is needed. We need Republicans and Democrats to work together in fairness, no one party can have it all.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: validated user

Begin balancing the budget by ending spending on all programs not mandating by the Constitution. That includes Social Security and MediCare. Then return the excess Social Security and MediCare revenues to the taxpayer and the economy will rebound immediately.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: validated user

If they can't pass a balanced budget amendment then vote them out!

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: validated user

Given recent government spending I don't think you could find anyone in favor of larger debt. However, I think a measure needs to be allowed for debt in extreme circumstances like another world war. I would be in favor of limited debt if it was approved of by a super majority in both houses. 90% would be even better.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: John Roach

The Constitution is really set up to give guidelines to government so that it doesn't interfere with the freedoms of it's people. No way could the founding fathers comprehend what it was become today and how much it has enslaved its people through debt. I say an amendment is warranted.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: validated user