Icount Poll: Foreign Policy

Should the US maintain, increase or decrease the number of troops in the Middle East now that Osama Bin Laden has been killed?



If we had kept our promises on aid (instead of reallocating that money for more bombs) we would actually save money by having fewer problems in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Submitted: over 7 years ago by: validated user

We are in Iraq, pull out
We are in Afghanistan, pull out
We are in Kosovo, pull out
We are in Africa, pull out

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: Gis Wylie

We need to reassess our objective in occupying countries versus counterintelligence. We're spending 2 billion a week fighting 2 wars while unemployed americans can't find jobs and aid for americans keeps getting cut. What are the repercussions of counterintelligence versus the repercussions of occupying/bulling foreign countries. The buying of friendship from countries who abuse this policy must stop now. I'm a 54 years old unemployed american whose worked 30 years in the railroad construction thats been taken over by illegal immigrants. No one one is hiring is hiring older americans like me, yet my Utah Legislators like Senate leader Michael Waddoups tells me to get off the couch and get a job because we will not give you anymore aid. My family will be homeless in a month yet aid that should be meant for Americans will go to leaders in countries who abuse our compassion while taking american lives. America and american life's are falling apart while countries who don't even want us there are being rebuilt at american taxpayers cost. What a SHAME!!

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: Gene Montoya

To pull out now without securing freedom for the Afghan People would be a dire mistake. The Taliban would retake the country and al Queada is an ally of the Taliban. Hence, we would be giving back all that we have accomplished on the war against terror. Be prepared for another 9-11 with a withdraw prior to a free Afghanistan.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: russell jenkins

It is time to bring our troops home! The United States has given enough.... The financial debt that this war has cost is massive and the human loss is by far the greatest tragedy of all!! I am tired of our brothers and fathers and uncles and sisters and mothers and daughters paying the ultimate price for GREED! <<<NO MORE BLOOD FOR OIL!!!!>>>>

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: Cheryl Newton

Bin Laden was just one of the problems of the middle east. While he had a great deal of power and influence, he was just one man. Pulling out now would allow someone else to take over and continue Bin Laden's terror.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: validated user

Now is the time for us to start pulling our troops out, and request payment from President Karzide for our help. We just cannot underright the troubles of the world. We also need to send a bill to Iraq for our services, they can never repay the debt in lives lost, but neither of these countries would have given us military support without a cost.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: validated user

We can not be the peacekeeper for the entire world. Of course, by reducing or eliminating our troups in the middle east, the door will be open for enemies, but it doesn't seem the countries care. I say get out and work on covert operations instead.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: validated user

Bin Laden or not... we need to take care of our home. Bring the troops home and deploy them within the US (borders) with a smaller price tag to help our economy.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: validated user

my 2 cents re: bin Laden shot dead. That is a nice sense of justice. However, he has already established his empire. It will continue on without him. Expect that terrorists will still do their evil deeds, if not with more ferocity than before because now they will want revenge against US - the USA. We need to maintain troops and our vigilance.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: LaReita Berky

We should never have gone over there in the first place.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: Doug Bjekre

Even if bid Laden had not been killed, it's time to get out. I am reasonably sure that once we leave, whether now or 15 or 30 years from now, Iraq and Afghanistan will fall back to essentially where they were... just as happened in Vietnam.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: validated user

We need to decrease while we have a reason to. Our presence is resented by many and they need to determine their future without our interference, whether real or imagined.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: validated user

The troops never should have been there in the first place!! Get them out of there no more blood for oil.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: steve wyatt

i think the military commanders will give the best advice.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: validated user

OBL is only part of the problem; so, the pressure needs to be maintained to keep the trend going in the right direction.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: validated user

reduce troops; keep standby in nearby bases while CIA is in full force

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: validated user

If I thought we were fighting terrorism in afganistan I would support more troops. I don't think that is what we are doing. Reduce troop numbers and use small strike forces like the one that took down bin Laden.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: John Roach

decreasing our presence is exactly what the terrorists want and will allow them to plot and attack us again. Root them out and finish them off. Never give our enemy a respite.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: Scott Roskelley

Continue finding and removing terrorists, yes...AND collaborate with the new leaders of the Arab Spring AND do so in a way that shows the world that we do not intend to be a permanent occupying force AND do so at lower cost in dollars and human life. It's a win/win/win/win proposition.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: validated user

While a great moral victory, this does not end our war on terror. I would hate to get cocky and forget that there are people who are still plotting, still planning to do U.S. civillians harm.

Submitted: over 8 years ago by: validated user