Upendra Chivukula

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New Jersey

State Assembly (New Jersey 17)

Family: Wife: Dayci; 2 Children: Suraj, Damianty

Born: 10/08/1950 Nellore, India

Home: Somerset, New Jersey

Religion: Hindu

Education: MEE, Electrical Engineering, City College of New York, 1976. BEE, Electrical Engineering, Guindy's Engineering College, India, 1972

Profession: Consultant, Rangam Consultants, Incorporated, present Director, Siratech International, 2001-2004 Director, Compucom Global Solutions, 1999-2001 Senior Product Planner, AT&T Microelectronics, 1988 Account Executive, AT&T Information Systems, 1985-1987 Research Account Developer, AT&T Technologies, 1983 Senior Management Consultant/Systems Engineer, AT&T Bell Labs, 1981-1983 Lead Engineer, Leeds & Northrup, 1980-1981 Design Engineer, Electronic Associates, 1978-1980 CBS Television, 1977-1978 Managing Director, Antarctica Group Chairman, Rangam Consultants, Incorporated

Political: Deputy Speaker, New Jersey State General Assembly, 2007-present Assembly Member, New Jersey State General Assembly, 2002-present County Committeeman, Franklin Township, 1993-present Council Member, Franklin Township Council, 1997-2005 Mayor, Franklin Township, 2000-2001 Deputy Mayor, Franklin Township, 1998-1999 Municipal Chair, Franklin Township, 1993-1995

Congressional Membership: Member, Franklin Township Public Relations Committee, 2003-2005 Chair, Finance Oversight Committee, 2000-2005 Member, Emergency Life Services Delivery, 2000-2005 Secretary, Franklin Township Community Foundation, 1997-2005 Member, Franklin Township Fire Prevention Board, 2000-2001 Member, Somerset County Council on Affordable Housing, 2000

Organization Membership: Member, Lions Club of Franklin, 2000-present Member At Large, Association of Indians in America, 2001-2004 President, Lions Club of Franklin, 2000 President, Asian American Political Coalition, 1998-1999 Secretary, New Jersey Charter of Indian American Forum for Political Education, 1988



Telecommunications and Utilities


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