Barbara Cooper

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Democratic Tennessee

State House (Tennessee 86)

Family: Widowed; 3 Children: Carl, Joan, Tanya

Born: 08/04/1929 Memphis, Tennessee

Home: Memphis, Tennessee

Religion: Catholic

Education: PhD, Religious Philosophy in Christian Psychology, Jacksonville Theological Seminary, 1999 MS, Education, Tennessee State University, 1965 BS, Elementary Education, Tennessee State University, 1950

Profession: Parent Coordinator, Catholic Diocese of Memphis City Schools, 1986, 1988-1994 Instructor, Southwest Tennessee Community College, 1980-1986 Community Relations Specialist, Southwest Community College, 1970 Retired Teacher, Memphis City Schools, 1950 Park Director (summer), City of Memphis

Political: Representative, Tennessee State House, 1996-present Candidate, Tennessee Legislature, 1986, 1988, 1990, 1994 Executive Committee, Shelby County Democrats, 1988-1990 Volunteer, Political Campaigns-National, State, Local, 1950-1986

Congressional Membership: Member, Black Health Commission, 2007-2008 Member, Educational Leadership Commission, 2006-2008 Chair, Tennessee Black Caucus of State Legislators, 2006-2008 Member, NCEPERS Taskforce, 2004-2006 Member, NCPER Task Force, 2002-2006 Member, Center City Commission, 1999, 2004 Member, State Tourism Task Force, 2002-2004 Member, National Black Caucus of State Legislators, 1998-2004 Chair, Education Committee, Tennessee Black Caucus, 1997-2004 City Empowerment Zone Committee Memphis Better Schools Committee State Tourism Caucus

Organization Membership: Mentor, Ladies Advocating Cultural Events, 2006-present Founder, District 86 Advisory Council, 1997-present Chair, African American Peoples Organization Community Organizer, 1996-present Secretary, Les Belles Charmant, 1960-present National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, 2008 Member, National Metal Museum, 2004 Member, Tennessee State Alumni, 2004 Member, Will/Wand, 2004 Convener, Cooper/Jones Legislative Conference, 2001-2004 Downtown Community Association, 1998 SAINTS Downtown Association, 1998 T.O. Fuller State Park, 1998 Co-Convener, African American Peoples Organization, 1996 Universal African American People's Organization, 1991 President, Tennessee Community Education Association, 1984 Committee Chair, National Community Education Association, 1982-1984 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority,1948-present Kennedy Democratic Organization Memphis Tennessee State University Alumni Association Former Member, District 86 Advisory Council, Southwest, Downtown, Northwest, Shelby County Council Shelby County Democratic Women Shelby County Tennessee State University Alumni Association Social Action Committee, Saint Augustine Church Tennessee State University Alumni Association Universal African American People's Organization Board, W.D. Callian Parenting Center Women in Education



Government Operations

Subcommittee on Higher Education


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