Charles Roth

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Republican Kansas

State House (Kansas 71)

Family: Wife: Marcy

Home: Salina, Kansas

Education: Graduated, University of Kansas, 1968

Profession: Retired Owner, Joseph P. Roth and Sons, 1968-2005

Political: Representative, Kansas State House, 2005-present Mayor, City of Salina, 1984-1985

Congressional Membership: President, Salina Airport Authority Board, 1992-1993 Member, Salina Airport Authority Board, 1989-1993 Member, Salina City Commission, 1981-1985

Organization Membership: Member, Community Health Investment Program, 2005-present Board Member, Salina Country Club, 1989-1992 President, Salina Country Club, 1991 Campaign Chairman, Salina United Way Board, 1980 Board, Asbury Hospital, 1977-1979 President, Salina Rotary Club, 1977-1978 Board Member, Salina Area Chamber of Commerce, 1976-1978


Corrections and Juvenile Justice


Government Efficiency and Fiscal Oversight


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