Paul Weissmann

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State House (Colorado 12)

Family: Wife: Brenda; 2 Children: Marisa, Gianna

Born: 06/09/1964 Denver, CO

Home: Louisville, Colorado

Religion: Jewish

Education: MA, Public Administration, University of Colorado, Denver, 2006 BS, Political Science, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1996

Profession: Substitute Teacher, Denver Public Schools, 2000-present Bartender/Manager, Blue Parrot Restaurant, 1988-present Spaghetti Sauce Manufacturer

Political: Majority Leader, Colorado State House of Representatives, present Representative, Colorado State House of Representatives, 2002-present Candidate, United States House of Representatives, Colorado, 1998 Senator, Colorado State Senate, 1993-1996 National Campaign Staff, Gary Hart, 1983-1988


Executive Committee of the Legislative Council

Legislative Council


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