Mike Sells

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Prefers Democratic Party Washington

State House (Washington 38 Position 2)

Family: Wife: Gayle; 2 Children: Andy, Amy

Born: 07/28/1945 Seattle, WA

Home: Everett, Washington

Religion: Unaffiliated

Education: Fifth-Year Teacher Certification, University of Washington, 1971 BA, Education/History, Central Washington University, 1967

Profession: Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Snohomish County Labor Council, American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organization, 1976-present President, Everett Education Association, 1981-1998 Teacher, Everett School District, 1967-1991 President, Local 772, Everett Federation of Teachers, 1969-1980

Political: Representative, Washington State House of Representatives, 2005-present Precinct Committee Officer, Democratic Party, 1980-1985

Congressional Membership: Current Vice Chair/Past Chair, Everett Housing Authority, 1981-present Snohomish County Economic Development Council, 1981-present Snohomish County Executive Citizens' Cabinet, 2004 Board Member, Shoreline Public Access Advisory Committee, City of Everett, 2003 Board Member, Salary Commission, City of Everett, 1998 Member, Citizens Advisory Committee, Washington State Governors, 1992-1993 Washington State Temporary Special Levy Study Commission, 1972-1973 Former Member/Former Co-Chair, Snohomish County Needs Assessment on Housing

Organization Membership: Board Member, Snohomish County Citizen Advisory, 2004-present Member, Snohomish County Workforce Development Council, 2006 Member/Current Vice Chair, Central Washington University Board of Trustees, 1995-present Strategic Planning Committee, Everett Public Library, 2004 President, Everett Education Association, 1981-1998 Board Member, Everett Area Chamber of Commerce, 1992-1993 Board Member, Snohomish County Tomorrow, 1990-1991 Vice President/Board Member, Snohomish County United Way, 1982-1985 Member, Central Washington University Alumni Association


General Government Appropriations

Higher Education



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