Christine Rolfes

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Prefers Democratic Party Washington

State House (Washington 23 Position 2)

Family: Husband: Leonard; 2 Children: Elizabeth, Catherine

Home: Bainbridge Island, Washington

Education: BA, Economics, University of Virginia MPA, University of Washington

Profession: Business Development Director, United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Political: Representative, Washington State House of Representatives, 2006-present Chair, Bainbridge Island City Council, 2000-2005

Congressional Membership: Vice-Chair, House Committee on Ecology and Parks Former Vice-Chair, House Select Committee on Puget Sound, 2006 Bainbridge Island City Council Representative, Kitsap County Board of Health, 2000-2005 Bainbridge Island City Council Representative, Kitsap County Regional Council, 2000-2005


Ecology and Parks

Education Appropriations

Environmental Health



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