Brad Klippert

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Prefers Republican Party Washington

State House (Washington 8 Position 1)


Family: Wife: Kim; 3 Children: Alexis, Aubrey, Mason

Born: 06/27/1957 Sunnyside, WA

Home: Kennewick, Washington

Religion: Evangelical Christian/Pentecosta

Education: MA, Teaching, City University, 1997, Grade Point Average of 3.97 BA, Behavioral Science/Biblical Studies, Northwest University, 1993 Certified Paramedic, Paramedicine, Central Washington University, 1983 Emergency Medicine Technician, Emergency Medicine, Columbia Basin College, 1982 Captain's Career Course, United States Army Reserves Attended, Evangel College, Springfield, MO

Profession: Patrol Officer, Benton County Sheriff's Department, 1999-present Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army National Guard, 1987-present Adjunct Faculty Member, Columbia Basin College School Resource Officer, Kiona-Benton City School District Licensed Minister Former Paramedic Firefighter, Emergency Medical Team Former Correctional Officer, Pierce County Former Patrol Deputy, Pierce County Sheriff's Department

Political: Assistant Minority Whip, Washington State House of Representatives, present Representative, Washington State House of Representatives, 2008-present Candidate, United States Senate, 2004, 2006

Congressional Membership: Assistant Ranking, House Committee on Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Organization Membership: Licensed Minister, Assemblies of God Member, Crime Prevention Member, Kennewick School District Focus Committee


Human Services

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness


Veterans' and Military Affairs


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