Borris Miles

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State House (Texas 146)

Family: 2 Children: Justus, Faith

Born: 10/23/1965 Sunnyside, TX

Home: , Texas

Religion: Baptist

Education: BS, Criminal Justice/Criminal Science, Sam Houston State University Graduated, Houston High School for Law Enforcement

Profession: Owner, Borris L. Miles Insurance Law Enforcement Officer

Political: Representative, Texas State House of Representatives, 2007-2008

Organization Membership: Founding Member, 100 Black Men of Houston, present Member, Across The Track Political Action Committee, present Life Member, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, present Member, City of Houston Affirmative Action Advisor Board Founder, North Forest Scholarship Endowment, present Founder, Sickle Cell Research Endowment, present Member, State of Texas Auto Theft Prevention Board, present Member, Urban League Board, present Member, Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, Long-Range Planning Committee, present Former Board Member, United Negro College Fund Former Board Member, Houston Sickle Cell Association


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