Kate Kelly

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State Senate (Idaho 18)

Family: 3 Children: Scott, Sam, Jake

Home: Boise, Idaho

Education: Attended, Darden Graduate School of Business Administration Graduated, Program for Management Development, Boise State University Graduated, University of Idaho College of Mines Graduated, University of Utah College of Law Graduated, Program for Emerging Political Leaders, University of Virginia

Profession: Employee, Boise Cascade Deputy Attorney General, State of Idaho Manager, Department of Environmental Quality, State of Idaho

Political: Senator, Idaho State Senate, 2004-present

Congressional Membership: Alternate, Idaho Criminal Justice Commission, present Member, Idaho Hispanic Affairs Commission, present

Organization Membership: Member, Idaho Food Quality Assurance Institute, present Member, Board of Directors, Idaho Rural Partnership, present Member, Advisory Board, Idaho Small Business Development Center, present.



Judiciary and Rules

Millenium Fund

State Affairs


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