Steven Winter

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New Hampshire

State House (New Hampshire Merrimack 3)


Family: Wife: Loa; 2 Children

Born: 10/02/1938 Evanston, IL

Home: Newbury, New Hampshire

Religion: Episcopalian

Education: BA, California State University, Los Angeles, 1962

Profession: Airline Captain, American Airlines, 1967-1998 Lieutenant, United States Navy, 1962-1967

Political: Representative, New Hampshire State House of Representatives, 2010-present Candidate, New Hampshire State House of Representatives, Merrimack 34, 2002

Organization Membership: Community Service Director, New London Rotary, 1998-2002 National Secretary/Treasuser, Allied Pilots Association-American Airlines Pilot Union, 1987-1988 Director, New London Outing Club, 1982-1984 President, Hospice of the Kearsarge Valley, 1980-1984


Executive Departments and Administration

Special Committee on Public Employee Pensions Reform


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