Betsey Patten

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New Hampshire

State House (New Hampshire Carroll 4)

Family: Husband: Richard; 1 Child: Karen

Born: 04/26/1945 Newton, MA

Home: Moultonborough, New Hampshire

Religion: Protestant

Education: Attended, The Kings College Diploma, Christian High School, 1963

Profession: Advisor, Cooperative Extension, University of New Hampshire, present Clerical/Technical Typist Recording Secretary Summer Rumney Bible Conference

Political: Representative, New Hampshire State House of Representatives, 1994-present

Congressional Membership: Recording Secretary, Planning Board, Moultonborough, 1985-1990 Recording Secretary, Zoning Board, Moultonborough, 1985-1990

Organization Membership: Area One Vice Chair, Coos County Republican Committee, present Area One Vice Chair, Gafton County Republican Committee, present Chair/Area One Vice Chair, Carroll County Republican Committee, 1998-present Member, Moultonborough Historical Society, 1996-2004 Member, Moultonborough Women's Club, 1995-2004 Member, Republican Platform Committee, 1998 Member, Moultonborough Activities Fund


Municipal and County Government

Subcommittee on Mileage


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