Mary Gile

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New Hampshire

State House (New Hampshire Merrimack 10)

Family: Husband: Robert; 3 Children: Christopher, Julia, Robertson

Born: 03/24/1936 Montreal, Canada

Home: Concord, New Hampshire

Religion: Protestant

Education: EdD, Leadership, George Peabody College, Vanderbilt University, 1982 MEd, Elementary/Early Childhood Education, University of New Hampshire, 1971 BS, Physical Education, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 1957

Profession: Consultant/Professor, Early Childhood Education, New Hampshire Technical Institute, 1998-2005 Professor/Department Chair, Early Childhood, New Hampshire Technical Institute, 1990-1998 Vice President, Education and Development, Academy of Applied Science, 1985-1990 Consultant, Title 1 Elementary and Secondary Education Act, New Hampshire State Department of Education, 1969-1985 Teacher, Salem, New Hampshire/Whitefield, New Hampshire/Montreal, Quebec, 1957-1969

Political: Representative, New Hampshire State House of Representatives, 1996-present Chair, New Hampshire Children Family Law Committee, 2006-2008

Congressional Membership: Member, The Children's Place and Parent Education Center, Advisory Committee, present Chair, Legislative Task Force on Work & Family, 2007-present Chair, Legislative Caucus for Young Children, 1998-present Member, State Family Planning Advisory Committee, 2004 Member, Early Learning, New Hampshire Advisory Committee, 2003 Chair, New Hampshire Child Care Advisory Council, 1996-2002 Founding Member, New Hampshire Legislative Caucus for Young Children, 1997 Representative Member, New Hampshire Child Care Advisory Council, 1994

Organization Membership: National Association for Education of Young Children, present Board of Directors, University of New Hampshire Alumni Association, 1999 Advisory Commissioner, Concord Parents and Children, Incorporated, 1996 Appointee, New Hampshire Children's Trust Fund, New Hampshire Leadership for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, 1992-1995 Chair, New Hampshire Children's Trust Fund, 1987-1990 Soprano, Suncook Valley Chorale



Special Committee on Education Funding Reform


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