Stephanie Eaton

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New Hampshire

State House (New Hampshire Grafton 1)


Family: Single; 1 Child: Michels Gordon

Born: 07/22/1936 Littleton, NH

Home: Littleton, New Hampshire

Religion: Congregational

Education: JD, Franklin Pierce Law Center, 1990 MA, Engineering, University of New Hampshire, 1970 BA, Middlebury College, 1958

Profession: Laboratory Technician, Vermont College, 1973 High School Teacher, English, 1967-1969 Teacher, Special Education, Crutched Mountain Rehab Center 1961-1963

Political: Representative, New Hampshire State House of Representatives, 2010-present Town Chair, Forbes for President Town Chair, Lamar Alexander for President

Congressional Membership: Glenwood Cemetery Committee, 1990-1994 Executive Director, State of New Hampshire Council on Aging, 1983 Executive Director, State of New Hampshire Human Resources, 1978-1982 Board Member, State Library Board Board Member, Town Library Board Board Member, Town Planning Board Board Member, Town Zoning Board

Organization Membership: Trustee, Littleton Trust Funds, 1992-1994 Republican Committee


Election Law


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