Bernard Sanders

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U.S. Senate (Vermont Jr)


Family: Wife: Jane O'Meara; 1 Child, Levi; 3 Stepchildren: Heather, Carina, David

Born: 09/08/1941 New York, NY

Home: Burlington, Vermont

Religion: Jewish

Education: BA, University of Chicago, 1964 Attended, Brooklyn College

Profession: Lecturer, Hamilton College, 1989-1990 Lecturer, Harvard University, 1989 Director, American People's Historical Society, 1977 Author Documentary Filmmaker Free-Lance Writer

Political: Senator, United States Senate, 2007-present Representative, United States House of Representatives, 1991-2007 Mayor, City of Burlington, 1981-1989 Candidate, United States House of Representatives, 1988 Candidate, Governor, 1972, 1976, 1986 Candidate, United States Senate, 1972, 1974 Member, Liberty Union Party

Congressional Membership: Co-Chair, Congressional Child Care Caucus, 2003-2004 Co-Founder/Officer, Congressional Progressive Caucus, 1991-1998 National Guard and Reserve Components Organization Co-Chair, Prescription Drug Task Force

Organization Membership: Member, Coalition on Population and Development Member, Friends of Ireland Member, Northeast-Midwest Coalition



Energy and Natural Resources

Environment and Public Works

Health, Education, Labor and Pensions

Subcommittee on Children and Families

Subcommittee on Clean Air and Nuclear Safety

Subcommittee on Energy

Subcommittee on Green Jobs and the New Economy

Subcommittee on National Parks

Subcommittee on Private Sector and Consumer Solutions to Global Warming and Wildlife Protection

Subcommittee on Retirement and Aging

Subcommittee on Transportation and Infrastructure

Subcommittee on Water and Power

Veterans' Affairs


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