Pedro Nava

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Democratic California

State Assembly (California 35)

Family: Wife: Susan Jordan; 1 Child: Jedd

Born: 1948 Santa Barbara, CA

Home: Santa Barbara, California

Education: JD, University of California, Davis, 1977 BA, California State University, San Bernardino, 1973 Attended, San Bernardino Community College

Profession: Civil Litigator, 1987-present Attorney, Santa Barbara District Attorney's Office, 1985 Deputy District Attorney, Fresno County District Attorney's Office

Political: Candidate, California State Attorney General, 2010 Assembly Member, California State Assembly, 2005-present

Congressional Membership: Member, California Coastal Commission, 1997-2004 Member, California Coastal Conservancy Member, California Emergency Council Member, California Ocean Protection Council Chair, Fresno County Drug Crime Task Force Member, Little Hoover Commission

Organization Membership: Co-Founder, California Coastal Protection Network Board Member, Fresno Rape Crisis Center Co-Chair, National Association of Comprehensive Employment and Training Act Administrators Chair, Advisory Committee, President's Extended Opportunity Programs & Services, Fresno City College President, Board of Trustees, Santa Barbara College of Law President, Santa Barbara County Action Network President, Santa Barbara Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Member, Santa Barbara Jewish-Latino Roundtable Member, Board of Trustees, Santa Barbara Museum of Art Board Member, Santa Barbara Women Lawyers President, Board of Trustees, Ventura College of Law Co-Founder, Vote the Coast


Banking and Finance

Business and Professions

Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials





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