Ako Abdul-Samad

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Democratic Iowa

State House (Iowa 66)

Home: Des Moines, Iowa

Religion: Muslim

Profession: Author, A Deeper Truth, Revelations of the Soul Chief Executive Officer/Founder, Creative Visions Human Development Center Vice President, KUCB Radio Writer/Co-Producer, Teen Talk Writer/Producer/Director, Understanding Islam Photographer

Political: Assistant Minority Leader, Iowa State House of Representatives, 2011-present Assistant Majority Leader, Iowa State House of Representatives, former Representative, Iowa State House of Representatives, 2007-present

Organization Membership: Black Panther Party, Des Moines, Iowa Chapter Vice President, Center for the Study and Application of Black Economic Development Member, International Civil Rights Solidarity Movement Founder/President, National African-American Islamic Association Co-Founder/Coordinator, Young Men's Christian Association Downtown Teen Program


Administration and Rules


Human Resources

Legislative Council

Public Safety


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