Matt Robinson

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Councilmember (Herriman, Utah 1)

Home: Herriman, Utah

Education: Matt attended Utah State University in Logan where he completed a Bachelors of Science degree in History and a Masters Degree in Instructional Design & Technology.

Profession: Matt has worked in business for the past 12 years in business consulting and human resources. Matt worked with a Salt Lake based management and leadership consulting firm while obtaining his masters degree and then moved to Ohio to work with a global accounting and consulting firm. In 2000, he moved back to Utah and into Herriman when he accepted a position with Intel as a project manager.

Political: Herriman has been home to the Robinson's since 2000. They love the people and community and expect to make Herriman their long-term residence. Matt believes that a good leader needs to listen and then work to achieve what will best serve the needs of a growing community. Herriman has a rich heritage and is a great place to live and raise a family. Matt is committed to serving Herriman and working for an exciting future. Matt and his family are honored by the trust of serving on the City Council.