Dennis Webb

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Holladay City Mayor (Holladay, Utah )

"As a resident of Holladay, your voice counts! Welcome to the Holladay City Icount page, a website designed to provide a better way for elected officials in Holladay to connect with our residents. "


Home: Holladay, Utah

Education: Dennis received his bachelor's degrees in finance, management, and political science from the University of Utah, and an MBA from George Washington University.

Profession: Dennis has been extensively involved in the co-founding and creation of many successful businesses including Franklin Quest, ContentWatch, Sadies Inc, Power of Words Inc, New Look International and Wilderness Quest. While at Franklin Quest, he was responsible for $250 million of product development and distribution.

Organization Membership: Dennis has founded or co-founded numerous charitable organizations including Southern Virginia University, the MesoAmerican Research Foundation and the Lighthouse Foundation.


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