Marsha Smith

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Public Utilities Commissioner (Idaho)

Family: 2 Children

Home: , Idaho

Education: JD, University of Washington MA, Library Science, Brigham Young University BS, Biology, Education, Idaho State University

Profession: Deputy Attorney General, Idaho Public Utilities Commission Deputy Attorney General, Business Regulation/Consumer Affairs Division, Office of the Idaho Attorney General.

Political: Public Utilities Commissioner, State of Idaho, 1991-present President, Idaho Public Utilities Commission, 1991-1995

Congressional Membership: Chair, Committee for Regional Electric Power Cooperation, Western Interstate Energy Board, 1999-2005 Member, Electric Power Research Institute's Advisory Council Board Member/Executive Committee/Former Vice President/President, National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) Member of the Committee on Energy Resources and the Environment, National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners Co-Chair, National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency Co-Chair, Steering Committee of the Northern Tier Transmission Group Member, Western Electricity Coordinating Council Board of Directors

Organization Membership: Member, Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions Member, Harvard Electricity Policy Group Idaho State Bar Member, National Council for Electricity Policy Steering Committee Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners Representative, Western Interconnection Regional Advisory Body


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