Edmund Brown

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Democratic California

Governor (California)

Family: Wife: Anne Gust

Born: 04/07/1938 San Francisco, CA

Home: , California

Education: JD, Yale University, 1964 BA, Classics, University of California, Berkeley, 1961 Attended, Sacred Heart Noviate Attended, University of Santa Clara

Profession: Law Clerk, Justice Mathew Tobriner, California Supreme Court Founder, Oakland Military Institute Founder, Oakland School for the Arts Attorney, Tuttle and Taylor

Political: Attorney General, State of California, 2007-present Mayor, City of Oakland, 1998-2006 Candidate, President of the United States, 1976, 1980, 1992 Chair, California State Democratic Party, 1989-1991 Candidate, United States Senate, 1982 Governor, State of California, 1974-1982 Secretary of State, State of California, 1970

Organization Membership: Board Member, Los Angeles Community College, 1969


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