Sheila Ellis Hixson

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Democratic Maryland

State House (Maryland 20)

Family: Divorced

Born: 02/09/1933 L'Anse, MI

Home: Silver Spring, Maryland

Education: BA, Northern State Teachers College

Profession: Head Start Teacher, Detroit, Michigan, 1960-1962

Political: Delegate, Maryland State House of Delegates, 1976-present Administrative Assistant, Democratic National Committee Campaign Manager/Aide, Michigan United States Representative William D. Ford

Congressional Membership: Maryland Bicycle and Pedestrian Caucus, 2003-present Member, Women Legislators of Maryland, 1976-present Task Force to Study Public School Facilities, 2002-2004 Task Force to Study the Maryland Heritage Structure Rehabilitation Tax Credit Program, 2003 Commission on Maryland's Fiscal Structure, 2002-2003 Southern Regional Education Board, 2001-2003 Joint Committee on the Selection of the State Treasurer, 2002 Chair, Fiscal Affairs and Government Operations Committee, Southern Legislative Conference, 2001-2002 Member, Speaker's Advisory Committee on Legislative Redistricting, 2001-2002 Commission on Education Finance, Equity, and Excellence, 1999-2002 Co-Chair, Special Committee on Gaming, 2001 Special Commission to Study Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Maryland, 2000-2001 Transit Policy Panel, 2000 Commission on Transportation Investment, 1999 Commission to Study Ways to Improve the Financial Viability of the Racing Industry, 1997-1999 Governor's Council on Child Abuse and Neglect, 1986-1999 Task Force on Education Funding Equity, Accountability, and Partnerships, 1997-1998 Task Force to Study Retail Electric Competition and the Restructuring of the Electric Utility Industry, 1997-1998 Joint Protocol Committee, 1993-1998 Chair, Special Joint Committee on Competitive Taxation and Economic Development, 1996-1997 Joint Committee on the Selection of the State Treasurer, 1996 Joint Committee on State Economic Development Initiatives, 1995-1996 Joint Executive-Legislative Task Force to Study Commercial Gaming Activities in Maryland, 1995 Special Joint Task Force on Transportation, 1995 Work Force Investment Board, 1988-1995 Governor's Commission on Competitive Forces Facing Maryland's Horse-Racing Industry, 1994 Member, Joint Task Force on Maryland's Procurement Law, 1993-1994 Advisory Commission on Federal-State-Local Relations, 1987-1992 House Chair, Joint Committee on Federal Relations, 1987-1992 Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect, 1983-1985 Governor's Task Force on Time-Sharing, 1983-1984 Member, Forest Land Task Force, 1981-1984 Mosquito Control Committee, 1982-1983 Member, Bi-County Committee, Montgomery County Delegation Member, National Conference of State Legislatures

Organization Membership: Hearts and Homes for Youth, 2003-present Pyramic Atlantic, 2003-present Eastern Montgomery, Kensington, Wheaton Democratic Club Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee National Association of Sunday School Instructors National Capital Democratic Club National Organization for Women National Professional and Business Women's Organization Plowmen & Fishermen Women's National Democratic Club Women's Suburban Democratic Club



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