Kenyatta Johnson

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Democratic Pennsylvania

State House (Pennsylvania 186)


Family: Single

Home: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Education: Graduated, Governing for Non-Profit Excellence Program, Harvard University School of Business, 2005 MGA, University of Pennsylvania, 2001 BA, Mansfield University, 1996

Profession: Civil Servant

Political: Representative, Pennsylvania, 2008-present Legislative Aide for Youth Development/Community Outreach, State Representative Harold James Public Safety/Community Outreach Liaison, State Senator Anthony H. Williams

Congressional Membership: Point Breeze Community Development Coalition Young America Political Action Committee

Organization Membership: Founder/President, Peace Not Guns, Incorporated, 1998-present Corps Member, Americorps National School and Community Corps Vice Chair, Christian Street Young Men's Christian Association Member, Demolay Consistory 1 Member, Prince Hall Masons-Sheba Lodge 7 Councilman, Young Men's Christian Association Early Head Start Policy Council


Aging and Older Adult Services

Children and Youth


Urban Affairs


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