Jim Ferlo

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Democratic Pennsylvania

State Senate (Pennsylvania 38)

Born: 06/19/1952 Rome, NY

Home: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Political: Senator, Pennsylvania Senate, 2004-present Council Member, City of Pittsburgh, 1988-2003 Council President, City of Pittsburgh, 1994-1997

Congressional Membership: Democratic State Committee Green Government Task Force Chair, Pittsburgh City Council Committee on Engineering and Construction Chair, Pittsburgh City Council Committee on Housing Economic Development and Promotion Member, Pittsburgh City Council Committee on Planning, Zoning and Land Use Board Member, Port of Pittsburgh Committee

Organization Membership: Alle-Kiski Coalition Allegheny Cemetery Historical Society Allegheny-Kiski Valley Historical Society Allegheny Valley Chamber of Commerce Alpha House American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta Americans for Democratic Action American Public Health Association Casino Theatre Renovation Foundation Carnegie Mellon Trustee Coalition to Counter Hate Crime Chair, Community Action Pittsburgh Director, Community Health Advocacy Network Firearms Owners Against Crime Highland Park Community Club Hyde Park Museum Historical Room Lawrenceville Corporation Lawrenceville Moose #581 Lawrenceville United Life Member, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Pennsylvania Alliance for Jobs and Energy Preservation Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Economic and Industrial Development Corporation Pittsburgh Model Cities Commissioner President, Pittsburgh Neighborhood Alliance Board Treasurer, Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority Roaring Run Watershed Save Nabisco Action Coalition Sierra Club Sons of Italy, Lodge 2746 Strongland Chamber of Commerce Victorian Vandergrift Museum and Historical Society Veterans of Foreign Wars, Jene-Mager Post Number 278


Community, Economic and Recreational Development

Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure


Local Government

Urban Affairs and Housing


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