Vanessa Brown

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Democratic Pennsylvania

State House (Pennsylvania 190)


Family: Single

Home: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Education: Attended, Howard University

Profession: Community Development Corporation Outreach/Planning Coordinator, Peoples' Emergency Center Organizer, West Philadelphia Coalition of Neighborhoods/Businesses

Political: Representative, Pennsylvania , 2009-present Candidate, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, District 190, 2004

Congressional Membership: Community Policing Committee, Department of Justice Representative, National Campaign for Jobs and Income Support Block Captain/Judge of Elections/Chairperson, Philadelphia Weed and Seed

Organization Membership: Volunteer/Coordinator of Mothers on the Move, Philadelphia Unemployment Project/Center for Community Change, Washington D.C., 2001 Founder, 16th District Town Watch Planner/Coordinator, Taking It to the Streets Community Festival


Aging and Older Adult Services

Children and Youth

Health and Human Services

Tourism and Recreational Development

Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness


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