Phil Lopes

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State House (Arizona 27)

Family: Wife: Pamela; 2 Children: Tobin, Mark

Born: 06/30/1941 Dos Palos, CA

Home: Tucson, Arizona

Religion: Unaffiliated

Education: MA, Applied Anthropology, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 1967 BA, Latin American Studies, University of California, Los Angeles, 1965 AA, Liberal Arts, West Hills College, 1961

Profession: Instructor, University of Phoenix, 1981-present Executive Director, Arizona School-Based Health Care Council, 1998-2003 Executive Director, El Pueblo Clinic, 2002-2004 Assistant Director/Bureau Chief, Arizona Department of Health Services, 1994-1998 Senior Lecturer, University of Arizona College of Medicine, 1989-1994 Assistant Director, University of Arizona Rural Health Office, 1987-1994 Executive Director, Health Systems Agency of Southwestern Arizona, 1981-1987 Country Director, Peace Corps, Ecuador/Brazil, 1976-1981 Staff, Peace Corps, Brazil 1963-1965 Volunteer, Peace Corps, Colombia, 1961-1963 Arizona Health Foundation Owner, Lopes Associates Founding Faculty Member/Instructor, Anthropology/Community Development, Pima Community College Founding Faculty Member, University of Arizona, College of Public Health Visiting Nurse Association Home Health Services

Political: House Minority Leader, Arizona State House of Representatives, present Representative, Arizona State House of Representatives, 2002-present District Chair, Legislative District 11, 1987-1989 District Chair, Legislative District 27, 1986-1988 Precinct Committeeman, Legislative District 27

Organization Membership: Member, American Public Health Association, 1982-present Board Member, Arizona Public Health Association, 1982-present Member, National Association for Public Health Policy, 1994-2000 Member/Chair, Independent Citizens Committee, 1986-1990 Member, American Civil Liberties Union Southern Arizona Chapter, 1974-1976 Member, American Health Planning Association Founder/Board Member, Arizona Health Care Campaign


Health and Human Services

Public Employees, Retirement and Entitlement Reform


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