Christoper Deschene

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Democratic Arizona

State House (Arizona 2)


Family: Wife: Shaun; 2 Children

Home: Saint Michaels, Arizona

Education: JD, Arizona State University, 2005 MSE, Mechanical Engineering, Arizona State University, 2005 BS, Mechanical Engineering, United States Naval Academy, 1993

Profession: Military Research Engineer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Tribal Energy Attorney/Co-Founder, Schaff and Clark Deschene, Limited Liability Company Speaker, Tribal Energy Issues Major, United States Marine Corps Second Lieutenant, United States Navy Legal Associate, United States Senate

Political: Representative, Arizona State House of Representatives, 2008-present Pledged Delegate, Senator Obama, Democratic National Convention

Congressional Membership: Chair, Apache County Democratic Party Chair, Native American Democratic Caucus

Organization Membership: Organizer, Phoenix Urban Indian Summit Youth Conference, 2001, 2002 President, National Native American Law Student Association


Natural Resources and Rural Affairs

Water and Energy


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